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Seattle's queer cycle club

Seattle's queer and allied cycle club, we bring riders together for social rides ranging from beginner-friendly outings to day-long adventures around the region, and destination rides all over the world.

Why Outspoken

Ride with queer cyclists and allies in the Puget Sound area.

Outspoken Cycle Club is a friendly queer and allied (LGBTQIA+) non-profit cycle club with everything from road cycling to mountain biking and bikepacking. We have both easy urban group rides for casual cyclists, and big distance or climbing adventures throughout the year if you're more hardcore. During 2023, we logged more than 150 rides, and we'll be doing even more in 2024!

Finish line photo at AIDS/LifeCycle
Team Outspoken at the finish line for AIDS/LifeCycle


Being a member of Outspoken Cycle Club costs just $25 a year, and means you get access to all this and more. All new members will have at least 30 days to try out the club before the membership payment is due. Outspoken is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, and these funds go toward providing the necessary infrastructure for the club.

  • Rides planned and led by experienced leaders
    Outspoken takes pride in planning fun, safe, and social rides. Experienced volunteer members in the club curate great routes, and ensure that you have all of the information you need to decide if a ride is good for you. Then, during the ride, these leaders will be there with you to make sure you stay on track and have fun.
  • Access to the Outspoken Spond group
    We use an app called Spond to manage and share our members-only rides and events. You can use this on web or mobile, and the mobile app will give you options for push notifications or calendar syncing so that you always stay on top of what rides and events are happening.
  • Ride with GPS club membership
    Ride with GPS is a great app to plan your rides and can also provide turn-by-turn directions while you're on your bike to make sure you keep on track. Outspoken membership comes with access to the club's ride library, and you can use the turn-by-turn feature on any ride from the club's library with no additional cost.

Join Outspoken in three steps:

  1. Get the Spond app or visit spond.com

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  2. When you open the app, choose the option to "Join an existing group" and follow the steps to set up your account with Spond.

    Join an existing group image
  3. Once your account is set up, choose the option to "enter a group code."

    Group code entry prompt

    The group code for Outspoken is:


And that's it! 

You'll start your trial of the club as soon as an admin approves it, and then you'll be able to check out our members-only rides and events. Shortly after you have joined, you'll receive a payment request in the app, due 30 days later, to complete the $25 membership fee. If you decide the club isn't right for you and don't pay, your trial membership will be deactivated after that 30-day window.